Welcome to Ankara University Biotechnology Institute Website

The Institute of Biotechnology at Ankara University, the first interdisciplinary graduate school of biotechnology established in Turkey, is a research establishment focusing on health and agricultural bio-tech. Included in the future perspective of the Institute are goals like the development of biosimilar drugs and the identification of novel biomarkers for complex diseases and molecular farming. The Institute was founded primarily to create a niche and a critical mass for biotechnology research in the country. On this basis, the critical mass assembled around the General Council of the Institute and the Academic Board of the Central Lab has generated significant translational data in the Life Sciences for 12 years now since its foundation and for 8 years since the inauguration of the Central Laboratory. The core academics of the Institute have obtained a total grant budget of 26.022.595 TL. Extramural grants of the Institute have reached a total of 10.320.811 TL since 2005 (excluding the Ministry of Development grant).

When the Biotechnology Institute set out to become an R&D and service center, it had only two permanent principal investigators at the Biotechnology Department.  The number of principal investigators has risen to nine today.  The academic staff at the Institute’s Biotechnology Department consists of principal investigators who have demonstrated their academic creativity, competence, and abilities through projects they have conducted, coordinated, or supported with extramural resources. The Institute is happy to be able to support individual research projects and create the necessary niche for these projects.

The Institute of Biotechnology at Ankara University was founded to provide sound post-graduate education in biotechnology and thus create the necessary human resources for the area.   The Institute, founded as per the Council of Ministers decision number 2002/4749 on 2/9/2002 offers MSc and PhD programs in Basic Biotechnology and an MSc program in Bioinformatics. To date, a total of 160 people have graduated from these programs.  As part of its perspective for the next 15 years, the Institute of Biotechnology proposes to use its network of communication and cooperation as a means of setting up a mechanism designed to acquaint its graduates with the emerging biotechnology industry in the country.

A total of 73 researchers including professors, post-doctoral fellows, and post-graduate  students work as members of nine main study groups at the Central Laboratory of the Institute. Since 2005, the omics research facilities, where advanced projects are being conducted, have been at the disposal of researchers at Ankara University and other institutions who carry out R&D activities.


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