Application of DNA Markers and Gene Expression Analyses Methods in Plant Biotechnology

 Prof. Ali ERGÜL

In recent years, methods employing DNA-based germplasm characterization, such as molecular marker technologies, have become popular due to obvious advantages of these technologies over traditional germplasm characterization methods in plant species. In particular, SSRs (Simple Sequence Repeat­s or microsatellites) have emerged as a powerful tool for DNA fingerprinting of plant germplasm due to their hyper-variability, co-dominance, high reproducibility, and relative abundance .

On the other hand, genomic and functional genomic researches in plant biotechnology is getting increased. Single gene profiling and transcriptome analysis has a practical use in the determination of gene expression profile, gene function and molecular pathway.

In this workshop, plant genetic identification (SSR) techniques are being presented using advanced technology (capillary electrophoresis etc), whereas gene expression analysis will be presented around Real time-PCR and microarray technology.