The Institute of Biotechnology at Ankara University was founded on October 2002 with the large investment of State Planning Organisation, primarily to establish a strong biotechnology graduate education and thus create the necessary human resources for the area.   Setting up the research infrastructure needed to develop new products and service and diagnosis technologies, achieving the level where basic research that would enable the establishment of a university-based biological institute could be conducted, training the researchers and producers needed for carrying out biological research, and creating a biological park atmosphere in order to develop new industrial structures with the help of R&D and through university-industry collaboration are among the objectives of the institute.

The instute academic staff consists of nine principal investigator. In addition the institute has a large General Council consisted of 118 academicians from several different faculties (Faculty of Language and History-Geography, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Education Sciences, Science Faculty, Faculty of Engineering, School of Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Law).

Our academic staff research projects are conducted in 1300m2 Central Laboratory of the Institute located in Tandoğan Campus. The Central Laboratory is equipped with state of the art infrastructure for genomics, proteomics, advanced cell biology and microbiology research. This infrastructure is open for scientific collaborations and services to all academic and industrial parties.

The Biotechnology Institute disseminates its know-how and biotechnology information through annual Ankara Biotechnology Days, annual workshops and summer fellowships.


 The inauguration of The Central Laboratory December 6, 2004


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