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Pursuant to the decree by the Council of Ministers dated 02/09/2002 and numbered 2002/4749, a budget of TL 101.951.645,79, with current (2018) value, has been allocated to the Biotechnology Institute, which was founded with the contribution of State Planning Organization (SPO) for the purposes of constituting educated human resources in biotechnology, producing new and patentable information that can be transformed into product in biotechnology and for cooperation with the industry.

The establishment of the institute did not prioritize 7 basic biotechnological fields (healthcare, agricultural, industrial microbiology, biodefense etc.) but instead, was designed to create an ecosystem as needed by the Institute for faculty members and researches conducting biotechnology themed studies at Ankara University. In this way, it was possible to inquire the biotechnological potential in a wide array from life sciences and engineering sciences to social sciences under the body of Ankara University, one of the biggest universities in terms of components in Turkey, and to foresee accurately which of the above 7 fields would be in the center of biotechnological researches at Ankara University.

Within the scope of subsidies provided by SPO, two basic actions were planned and realized in order to reach the target of creating and fortifying biotechnology ecosystem at the university:

1. Establishing a central search laboratory infrastructure hosting advanced genomic and proteomic research technologies and staffing qualified researchers experienced and specialized in such technologies for the Institute (in this context, 4 new academic staff has been appointed at the first stage) and thus, providing Ankara University and our country with a pioneering infrastructure necessary for modern biotechnology approaches. The Central Research Laboratory for Biotechnology Institute, which was founded in 2002 upon the Decree of the Council of Ministers, was opened in 2004 and was named as System Biotechnology Advanced Research Unit (SISBIYOTEK) in 2015.

2. Creating a Project Appraisal Group (PAG) consisting of faculty members researching on Biotechnology in Ankara University and generating a fund that faculty members, who are willing to conduct biotechnology themed projects at Ankara University, may apply with their project offers. In this way, project offers were appraised by PAG through panel system and 130 project that have been found successful between years 2002- 2007 were supported with a total budget of TL 38.989.430,00, in today’s (2018) value. In addition to the central laboratory infrastructure that has been established as a result of these project, peripheral laboratories of faculty members/research groups that conduct biotechnology themed researches at Ankara University have also been fortified.

Thanks to the SPO project support between years 2002-2009, 196 individual articles and 102 scientific papers included in the international reference index from 9 supervised projects have been published. 14 doctoral students and 75 postgraduate students have graduated from Biotechnology University between the above years under the consultation of faculty members from 7 faculties, 1 institute department and 1 college of Ankara University (Table 1). The table below demonstrates the distribution of graduate students by faculties of consultant academic members.

  Program Medicine Agriculture Pharmacy Science Health Sciences Engineering Biotechnology Economy Philology History Total
2002 MSc                   0
PhD                   0
2003 MSc   1               1
PhD                   0
2004 MSc 6 1     1         8
PhD                   0
2005 MSc 7   2 2           11
PhD                   0
2006 MSc 8     5   3   1 1 18
PhD 1                 1
2007 MSc 5     4   3   1 1 14
PhD 1 1   1           3
2008 MSc 6     1     2     9
PhD 1 2               3
2009 MSc 9 1 1       3     14
PhD 4 1   1 1         7
    46 7 1 12 2 6 5 2 2 89