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Biotechnology Institute is an education and research institute that has undertaken the mission of research, education and service at SISBIYOTEK advanced research unit under its roof while coordinating postgraduate education in its field in direct affiliation with the Rectorate of Ankara University.

The Department of Biotechnology is a postgraduate department with its own faculty staff affiliated with Biotechnology Institute. When Biotechnology Institute started as a scientific research, R&D and service center, the number of permanent academic members under the Department of Biotechnology was 2, which has increased up to 8 today. In addition, 2 administrative researchers work at the Department as associate professors.

Since its very establishment, Biotechnology Institute has fulfilled its missions to disseminate information through courses and internship programs and still supports the researches while putting into service the services and devices through SISBIYOTEK Advanced Research Unit. Biotechnology Institute, with the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed for its specific mission, and with courses and internships organized by the Institute, conducts its support for research to all public and academic institutions in Turkey through the infrastructure of SISBIYOTEK in a transparent, measurable and traceable manner.

Strategic planning activities that are being updated by Biotechnology Institute since 2013 were commenced systematically with great focus on the establishment process. This analysis was conducted in a systematic and computational manner on the 15th anniversary of the Institute.
In this context:
1. The scopes and subjects of the projects prepared by the teachers, who execute biotechnology themed projects at Ankara University, in contribution with Institute’s SPO budget and Biotechnology Institute addressed publications prepared as a result of such projects;
2. Thesis papers prepared by all postgraduate and doctoral students graduated from our Institute; and
3. The subjects, budgets, multidisciplinary qualities of extramural (TUBITAK, SPO etc.) and SRP supported projects by Biotechnology Department teachers and articles published as a result of such projects have been reviewed.

As a result of such analyses, it was manifested that the Biotechnology Institute of Ankara University produced researches that are mainly focused on agricultural biotechnology and health biotechnology.

During the 24th Meeting for Supreme Council for Science and Technology (SCST) in 2012 and in the National Food R&D and Innovation Strategy paper issued in accordance with such SCST meeting in 2012, the priority of agricultural and food biotechnology for our country was specified. As per the decree by SCST nr. 2013/106 made at the 25th meeting in 2013, Healthcare was announced as the priority area for our country and the importance of biotechnology R&D was determined in this field.

Biotechnology Institute and the Department of Biotechnology under its roof defined the focal points of research, basing on the systematic analysis defined above for the ecosystem created under the body of Ankara University, as “Precision Medicine” researches within a prospective 15-year perspective (design and development of recombinant peptide, antibody, cell and DNA-based systems that are potentially to be used in treatment, immunization and diagnosis and production of prototypes at laboratories; definition of new biomarkers for complex diseases; fight against bacterial infections) and Plant Biotechnology (determination of genes, markers for important agronomic properties and molecular agriculture).

Biotechnology Institute is an organization that has endogenized interdisciplinary cooperation and has conducted many numerous projects with faculties of medicine, agriculture, science, engineering, veterinary, pharmacy, dentistry, as well as various units of different institutes, hospitals and ministries, mainly including TUBITAK-SRP since 2005.

These are, based on project basis, as follows:

Health Biotechnology (design and development of recombinant peptide, antibody, cell and DNA-based systems that are potentially to be used in treatment, immunization and diagnosis and production of prototypes at laboratories; definition of new biomarkers for complex diseases; fight against bacterial infections): 35 TÜBİTAK, 21 SRP, 1 Ministry of Development, 1 TÜBA-GEBİP, 1 International Atom Energy, 1 Unesco Loreal, 1 Bor Institute supported project.

Food and plant biotechnology (molecular diagnosis, improvement and functional genomics): 10 TÜBİTAK, 11 SRP projects,

Consequently, faculty members of the Department of Biotechnology created a research input of TL 45.141.484 as per external economic parameters for 2019 and TL 15.640.767 on SRP basis in total.

In summary, according to today’s economic parameters provided by SPO, our Institute still functions with a total budget of TL 60.782.251 generated by the faculty members of the Department of Biotechnology that conducts its researches at SISBIYOTEK Advanced Research Unit after SPO budget that has been completed 3 years after the establishment of SISBIYOTEK Advanced Research Unit that was opened in 2004, after TL 81.808.704 of the source in an amount of TL 169.226.865 has been used (with the value of 2019).

The total number of publications addressing Biotechnology Institute until now is 300, 167 of which has been published by the faculty members of the Department of Biotechnology. 139 articles out of 198 were published after 2009, when SPO grant has been completed.