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Doç. Dr. Demet Cansaran Duman Araştırmacı 13b/4

Telefon +90 312 222 58 26 / 2513
Faks +90 312 222 58 72

Assoc Prof Dr. Demet Cansaran DUMAN  graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology in 1999. In the same year, she was appointed as Research and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biology. She completed her MSc and Ph.D. degrees on the topic ‘Lichen species and medical uses’ from Department of Biology. She worked as a biologist in the Ministry of Health, Department of Drug and Cosmetics of Turkey between 2007-2012. Since 2012, she has been working in Biotechnology Institute of Ankara University. She has conducted research on candidate drug molecules (mainly lichen seconder metabolites) and medical uses at the University of Michigian State University-USA.

Assoc Prof Dr. Demet Cansaran DUMAN’s team main research topics;

  • Development of effective drug candidate molecules from biological organisms in the treatment of breast cancer
  • Determination of differentiation of mRNA, miRNA and proteome profiles of drug candidate molecules with determined biological origin

Team Members:

PhD Students: Ümmügülsüm Tanman Zıplar, Züleyha Ergün

MSc Students: Elif Değerli, Vildan Torunoğlu, Sevcan Yangın


Academic Background

Title  Institution  Year
Research and Teaching Assist. Ankara University Faculty of Science Department of Biology 1999-2007
Dr. Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency 2007-2012
Assoc. Prof. Ankara University Biotechnology Institute 2012-


Degree  Institution Year
BSc Ankara University Faculty of Science, Department of Biology 1995-1999
MSc Ankara University, Institute of Science and Technology 1999-2002
PhD Ankara University, Institute of Science and Technology 2002-2007
Visitor Scientist Michigian State University 2017


I have been reported projects of last 5 years

 Year  Title Supporting Body Role
2018-2020 The determination of effect as a new drug candidates of vulpinic acid response miRNA and vulpinic acid on breast cancer treatment TÜBİTAK (1003)- No:216S583 Principal Investigator
2017-2019 Keep Lab Safety Keep You Health European Union project- No: 2017-1-TR01-KA202-046148 Principal Investigator

Determination of miRNA profile of postimmunization response DNA vaccine against bluetonque serotype 4


TAGEM- No: TAGEM/HYGSAD/A/19/A5/P6/1122 Principal Investigator
2018-2020 Characterization of molecular mechanisms of usnic acid lichen seconder metabolite in breast cancer cell Ankara Univ., No: 18B0415002 Principal Investigator
2017-2018 A proteomics approach to investigate usnic acid response miRNAs in breast cancer cell line Ankara Univ., – No: 17L0415002 Principal Investigator
2016-2017 Determination of cytotoxic effect of usnic acid in breast cancer cell lines and mRNA expression levels of apoptototic related genes Ankara Univ., No: 16H0415002 Principal Investigator
2016-2018 Determination of microRNAs as responsive elements against usnic acid secondary metabolite in breast cancer by microarray analyses Ankara Univ., No: 15B0415001 Principal Investigator

Proteomics analysis of Chrome (Cr+6)  heavy metal accumulation in Pseudevernia furfuracea lichen species


TÜBİTAK- No:115Z041 Principal Investigator



Student  Title Year
MSc Dissertations
Elif Değerli The investigation of the effect of usnic acid responsive miR-185-5p in breast cancer treatment on apoptosis pathway at molecular level Continues
Vildan Torun

The determination of miR-185-5p efficiency in breast cancer treatment by proteomic approach


Sevcan Yangın   Continues


 PhD Dissertations

Züleyha Ergun Kurt

Determination of miRNA profile of postimmunization response DNA vaccine against bluetonque serotype 4


Ümmügülsüm Tanman Zıplar

Determination of the effect of usnic acid on breast cancer by transcriptomic and proteomic approaches





List of Publications