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Prof. Hilal Özdağ Faculty

Telefon +90 312 222 58 26 / 2510-2554
Faks +90 312 222 58 72



Dr. Özdağ took her BSc in Biology from Hacettepe University Department of Biology on 1993. She then get her MSc degree in Biotechnology from the same department on 1995. Dr. Özdağ got her PhD on 2000 from Bilkent University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Her PhD dissertation was on Hereditary Breast Cancer Genetics in Turkish Population. Dr. Özdağ then moved to UK for her postdoctoral studies. As a postdoctoral research associate at Prof. Caldas’s Laboratory in Cambridge University Hutchison-MRC Research Centre Dr. Özdağ worked on chromatin modifier genes in epithelial cancers.

Dr. Özdağ is leading her own research group at Ankara University Biotechnology Institute, Systems Biotechnology Advanced Research Unit (SISBIOTEK) since 2005. The team is conducting studies aiming to discover theranostic marker for colorectal cancer.

Team Members:

Research Assistant
Seda Taşır Yılmaz MSc

PhD Students
Berşan Seçil Durel MSc

Haldun Doğan MSc

MSc Students

Edibe Ece Abacı

Sulgun Chariyeva


Academic Background

Title  Institution  Year
Research and Teaching Assist. Bilkent University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics 1995-2000
Postdoctoral Research Assoc. University of Cambridge Department of Oncology Hutchison MRC Research Centre 2000-2004
Head of Genomics Unit Ankara University Biotechnology Institute 2005-2006
Assist. Prof. Ankara University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Genetics 2006-2007
Assoc. Prof. Ankara University Biotechnology Institute 2007-2013
Prof. Ankara University Biotechnology Institute 2013–


Degree  Institution Year
BSc Hacettepe University Department of Biology 1989-1993
MSc Hacettepe University Department of Biotechnology 1993-1995
PhD Bilkent University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics 1995-2000

Administrative Duties

Institution  Year
Vice Director Ankara University Biotechnology Institute 2012–


 Year  Title Supporting Body Role
2008-2011 Determination Of New Genetic Predisposition Genes And Genes Involved In Cancer Progression Through Genomewide SNP Profiling In Sporadic Colorectal Cancer Cases TUBITAK Principal Investigator
2008-2011 Cancer and Venous Thrombosis: Evaluation of coagulome in the correlation between tumorigenesis and thrombosis through genome-wide expression profiling Ankara University BAP Principal Investigator
2008-2011 Elucidation of Wnt signal transduction pathway in AML using DNA microarray analysis Ankara University BAP Researcher
2006-2011 Application of FDG-PET and Molecular Gene Profiling for Risk Stratification of Diffuse Large B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Different Ethnic Populations IAEA Researcher
2009-2010 Development of a fast web based analysis service for the data gathered from microarray systems which are used to identify new medical biomarkers through paralel programming techniques Ministry of Industry and Commerce Researcher
2009-2012 Comparative analyses of apoptosis related genes in patient with permanent atrial fibrilation and sinus rhythm TUBITAK Researcher
2009-2011 Elucidation of the whole genome sequence of Bacillus boroniphilus, an Anatolian boron bacteria, and identification of boron related genes from its genomic library BOREN Researcher
2010-2013 Identification Of New Gene And Gene Groups Involved In Cancer Development And Progression Through Genome-Wide Copy Number Variation Analysis And Transcriptome Profiling In Sporadic Colorectal Cancer Cases TUBITAK Researcher
2010-2013 Identification Of New Molecular Markers For The Prognosis Of Myelodysplastic Syndrome And Acute Myeloid Leukemia Through The Determination Of Epigenetic Profile Of MDS And AML TUBITAK COST Researcher
2013-2016 Validation of 75 SNPs associated with sporadic colorectal cancer identified through family based genomewide association study conducted in Turkish population TUBITAK COST Principal Investigator



Student  Title Year
MSc Dissertations
Hülya Sümer The evaluation of High Resolution Melting technique in the detection of point mutations 2008
Haldun Doğan Establishment of a Real Time method for rapid and reliable detection of three main bacteria causing sepsis in neonates 2009
Melike Özbilgin Öztürk Molecular gene profiling for the treatment of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma in Turkish population 2011
Hakiimu Kawalya Transcriptomic meta-analysis and discovery of new biomarkers in colorectal cancer 2016
Edibe Ece Abacı  
Sulgun Charyyeva  
PhD Dissertations
Buket Nebiye Demir Mutation analysis of plasminogen gene (PLG) with Denaturing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (DHPLC) and DNA sequence analysis of samples that are expected to have mutations 2011
Dilay Çığlıdağ Düngül The identification of genes involved in the predisposition and development of sporadic colorectal cancer through Genome-wide Association analysis 2011
Nevin Belder Identification of new genes and gene groups involved in cancer development and progression through genome-wide copy number variation analysis and transcriptome profiling in sporadic colorectal cancer cases 2013
Pelin Fidanoğlu Turkish population database design for genome-wide association studies and comparison with HapMap 2013
Semih Dalkılıç Cancer and venous thrombosis: Genome-wide expression analysis in order to identify new molecular markers that lie between thrombosis and tumorigenesis 2014
Hülya Sümer Çelebi Identification of new molecular markers for the prognosis of myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia through the determination of epigenetic profile of MDS and AML 2014
Dilara Fatma Akın Screening of candidate prognostic biomarker genes in pediatric precursor B-ALL 2016
Özge Cumaoğulları Investigation of candidate sporadic colorectal cancer related genes  2017
Haldun Doğan  
Berşan Seçil Durel  

List of Publications