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“Sustainability of both personal and environmental security at laboratories is only possible with compliance with biosafety rules”.

  • Risks and dangers that every laboratory may experience in working environment and with materials, may differ. Basically, the risks are categorized under three groups:
    • Biological;
    • Chemical; and
    • Physical
  • In the context of SİSBİYOTEK, there are researchers conducting studies in
    • Health Biotechnology (Pharmaceutics, Cancer and Genetics, Microbial Biotechnology)
    • Plant and Food Biotechnology

Even though each group has partially different working environments from each other, Sisbiyotek is a laboratory equipped with the same high rate of joint working areas.

  • In addition, our laboratory is about to acquire ISO 9001 quality system and is undergoing an accreditation process. Therefore, any researcher, student or others who enter into our laboratory in accordance with a common biosafety policy, are expected to comply with the rules. Sisbiyotek is a laboratory where many devices with special intended uses are available; sustainable use of biosafety rules will contribute to personal and environmental health protection in addition to long-life use of such devices.
  • All individuals, who are to enter into Sisbiyotek laboratory either for individual use or continuous use, are subject to a protocol to ensure safe use of the laboratory. Anyone, who is willing to use the laboratory, are expected to use H1 and H2 interfaces on Services and Research Support Portal provided on Sisbiyotek website for application in order to monitor and allow entries into the laboratory. Upon approval for forms, these individuals are subject to biosafety training and then to an exam. Those, who successfully pass the exam, are allowed to enter into the laboratory. Researches, who start working at the laboratory, are expected to act in a way to protect themselves and the environment in accordance with the biosafety rules throughout their work.
  • Biosafety Guide, issued for ensuring biosafety at Sisbiyotek laboratory can be provided to researchers and students both in printed and online on website.