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Chromatography is a kind of technique  used in separation and quantitation of molecules. In chromatography, there are two phases namely, mobile phase (liquid or gase) and stable phase ( solid or liquid). The method relies on the retention time differences of the molecules that are found in the sample. The retention time depends on the interaction of mobile phase and stable phase. This interactions effect retention time of the sample and the retention time is calculated with minutes. Depending on the mobile phase used, there are two main type of chromotography, gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. There are also subtypes of these chromatographies. These subtypes named according to the physicochemical properties of the buffer used buffer’s  and the process chosen  (ion exchange chromatography, reverse phase chromatography,  gel filtration chromatography).

Today there are type of chromatographies working under higher presure. Therefore the resolution of the sample will be higher. These are named as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Recently, Ultra-performance liquid chromatography using higher pressure for mobile phase with respect to HPLC came to eminence  .

Our unit is equipped with  a 1100 and a 1200 HPLC. These systems are used with DAD, MWLD and fluorescence detectors.



Laboratuvarımızda Agilent 1100 ve 1200 HPLC cihazları, DAD, MWLD ve floresans dedektörleriyle birlikte kullanılmaktadır.